The Arcadia area can be further subdivided into the smaller neighborhoods that comprise it. The “Arcadia Area” is generally considered to include the expanded Arcadia High School District and beyond, from 40th St to 68th St, and McDonald south to Osborn, most of which is within area code 85018.


True Arcadia
The original Arcadia subdivision straddles the Phoenix/Scottsdale border and is bounded roughly by 44th Street to 68th Street and from Camelback Road to the Arizona Crosscut Canal. Arcadia contains a blend of newer construction homes and renovated ranch homes homes on large lots; these homes command relatively high property values, as the neighborhood is between the upscale suburbs of the Biltmore and Scottsdale. Built on former citrus groves, Arcadia is known for well-irrigated, mature landscaping. Several yards prominently feature orange, lemon and grapefruit trees as reminders of the area’s past; the area used to be occupied by citrus farmers from 1919 to the mid-1950s. In the mid-1950s, the rest of Phoenix caught up with the farms and the area suburbanized with characteristic ranch homes on large lots. Influential architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Al Beadle, and Ralph Haver all contributed to the unique homes that also make up the distinctive landscape.

The quality of construction in the late 50s and early 60sin Arcadia has influenced many people in the area to renovate their homes rather than relocate to newer areas. Home values have steadily increased and the few remaining parcels in the neighborhood have been developed with high end homes. The area remains in demand because of the unique irrigation system, citrus groves, the excelling Hopi/Arcadia Scottsdale Public Schools system, a strong and active neighborhood, proximity to neighboring communities and relatively easy access to the airport and downtown Phoenix. The natural boundaries of the Arizona Canal on the south and Camelback Mountain to the north have kept the area quiet and insulated from traffic.


Lower Arcadia
Generally considered to be the neighborhood south of Indian School to Osborn Rd. While still sharing many of the characteristics with the rest of Arcadia, the school district in this neighborhood is Tavan/Arcadia which is also Scottsdale Public Schools and in demand.

Arcadia Lite
A cozy neighborhood from 36th St to 32nd St, Indian School to Campbell. A tight knit community made up of generally smaller homes on smaller lots, but still maintains the charm of the mature and established area. Pride of ownership is evident in this well located niche.

Hacienda Granada
A small, almost secluded neighborhood between the Arizona Canal to the north and Campbell Rd to the south, between 40th St to 43rd St. Lots in this nook range from over an Acre to a quarter acre, and also include a wide range of styles and renovations. Consistent to the neighborhood, though, are mature trees, many irrigated lots, and the excelling Hopi School District. It’s not unusual to find neighbors sharing wine on each other’s porches in the evenings here, and the advent of the multitude of restaurants, nightlife, and shopping on nearby 40th St has made this a hotspot for its walkability to these businesses.

Little Arcadia
The area from 48th St to 40th St, Campbell south to Indian School. Still in Hopi/Arcadia Schools originally on smaller lots (generally under 7500 SF lots) with smaller homes, although there is an abundance of renovation currently in the area with increasingly larger homes. This neighborhood is a great option for someone who wants the Arcadia schools, location and vibe but doesn’t need a mansion, or doesn’t want the maintenance of a larger lot.

Cudia Estates, Marion Estates
This encompasses the area north of Camelback Rd to approximately McDonald, 40th St to 44th St. While this neighborhood is in the Arcadia High School/Hopi District, it is unique in that this area, with its proximity to the mountain, is a more desert landscape compared to the mature groves of Arcadia. Here you’ll find original ranch homes and new construction alike, on very large lots with lots of space between homes. Great mountain views, and renovations continue as the area lends itself to customizing with blank canvases awaiting.